Podiatry Prices

I keep the plaster of paris casts/scans in storage for future use in years ahead or for extra pairs to save swapping over from shoe to shoe. I can make very supportive, slimline for shoes with less space, specific to all sports from training shoes to ballet point shoes.

London or Leicester

Based in North London Foot Podiatrist Andrew Root offers Bespoke Foot Orthotics & Biomechanical Assessments. Also offers  clinics in Leicester.

Foot Biomechanics

Foot podiatry biomechanics involve stopping the feet rolling in or out using bespoke foot orthotics. 

Bespoke orthotics correct the body alignment and improve shock absorption. 

The orthotics are manufactured in house from the researched best materials available.

Podiatry Price List

I bulk buy the orthotic materials and am pleased to say, have not increased my prices for five years.

  • The initial assessment is £60
  • Plaster bandage & Scanning of both feet is £80
  • Orthotics are £160 per pair.
  • Usually ready in 2 weeks or can make urgent specials, when necessary.

  • Fully inclusive total cost £300

    (There are no extra VAT charges) 

I hope to be of assistance to you regarding help with foot orthotics and biomechanical assessments. 

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Orthotic Appointments

For appointments at the podiatry practice in Highgate North London contact reception Andrew Root.

Biomechanical Assessment & Gait Analysis

Approximately 40 Minute Consultation.

In the consultation I will assess both standing, walking, sitting and non weight bearing positions of joints, to find where support is needed. This is to provide the best alignment and support and improve how pressure is transferred into and through the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. I can then discuss if orthotics may benefit in your treatment.

Price £60

Plaster Casting & Scanning

Carried out same day as assessment.

Plaster casting / scanning of feet for orthotics. 

A fitting appointment is then arranged and the orthotics will be ready for fitting in 2 weeks. I can also send the orthotics direct in a parcel.

Please call Mr Root for further information

Price £80

North London Orthotics Manufacture

Approximately 2 weeks to manufacture

North London Orthotics Manufacture
I manufacture the orthotics to your exact specification. All orthotics are priced per pair. All orthotics are guaranteed for 18 months. 

Price £160

Future Repeat Orthotic Prescriptions

Once taken the plaster moulds/scans are stored to allow for further pairs to be manufactured in the future. I can make them identical or more slimline for differing shoes.

Talk to A Podiatrist

If you wish to speak prior to appointment please leave a contact number on mobile:

07581 424020

I generally returns calls same day between the hours of 6pm - 8pm, or next day.

Private Insurance

Andrew Roots podiatry practice is covered for private insurance policies. Less private schemes cover podiatrists orthotics, do speak with your provider. 

Biomechanical Assessment & Gait Analysis 

In a consultation I assess both standing, walking, sitting and non weight bearing positions of joints, to find where support is needed.

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